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Fatal Deeds

by Andrew McAleer


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Who Killed 20G?

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When Korean War veteran Augustus M. Churchill was voted out of his sheriff’s seat a dozen or so years ago, he set up shop as a private investigator in his hometown of Concord, Massachusetts.  He loves New England, plays cribbage, drinks Sam Adams, gives his “Gone Fishing” sign plenty of hang time, and, when prodded, advances the cause of justice with the help of his elusive romantic interest, Happy Fremont.

For this small-town PI, life is good.  But when a young woman gets herself into a small jam with the law, Churchill agrees to gather evidence on her behalf.  The routine investigation, however, unfolds into blackmail, double-cross, and savage murders that send his client packing.  Now, the savvy PI finds himself unraveling a complicated scheme reeking of highbrow blood, local politics, and scandal-laden real estate deeds.

Fatal Deeds is an original and intricate suspense novel, laced with history, romance, local color, and humor.  Best-selling author Andrew McAleer spins a genuine mystery — reminiscent in plot and character of the best of the Golden Age of Myster



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Author Bio

Andrew McAleer is the best-selling author of the 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists, the co-author of the number 1 best-selling, Mystery Writing in a Nutshell and a contributor to A Miscellany of Murder. Mr. McAleer works as a prosecutor, serves as a Combat Historian with the Army National Guard and taught crime fiction at Boston College.

Fatal Deeds is his fourth novel. 

Visit him at:


Boston College professor of "The Master Sleuths" course Andrew McAleer talks about his task as combat historian during his recent deployment in Afghanistan -- in The Observer at Boston College.






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