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Who KIlled 20G?

by Mark Phialas


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Who Killed 20G?

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Short Synopsis

Drifter Trent Jones can't get decent cards, his putts aren't falling, and he's run out of single malt and cash. College basketball coach "20G" is killed in a Myrtle Beach golf community the night Trent arrives, and a day later, Trent's best friend is murdered in New York City.

Trent discovers evidence that the murders, though 800 miles apart, are the same case. His instincts keep screaming for him to flee, but so does his urge for revenge. Someone killed his golden goose and that someone is going to pay.

Long Synopsis

A golf hustling, poker-playing UNC basketball fan relies on generosity and tolerance after he runs out of cash, single malt, decent cards and his putting stroke during a losing streak in Florida.

Trent Jones retreats to Tranquility, a gated golf community near Myrtle Beach that happens to be the site of his closest friend’s vacation home. But Jones finds turmoil, rather than sanctuary, when he drunkenly confronts a renowned college basketball coach in the club lounge the night he arrives. A verbal disagreement turns violent, and Jones is hauled away in cuffs by Tranquility security and local police.

A rude hangover turns dismal when Jones discovers that the basketball coach, known as 20G, was murdered the previous night in his Tranquility condo, and that Jones is now perched at the top of the suspects list.

Frank Williams, a sports and entertainment agent in New York City, loathes hearing that his houseguest has been in a brawl and is the prime candidate for a homicide rap. Williams kicks Jones out of his house, and that’s the last time the two men speak.

Jones, homeless and broke, comes to the crossroads of his seedy military police past and what lies ahead when he tries to untangle himself from this dark web. He embarks on an old road not taken; a path that begins with curiosity and ends with revenge.

Who Killed 20G? is the story of a reluctant hero in the spirit of Travis McGee and Bret Maverick, with a twinge of Titanic Thompson  … It’s the story of Trent Jones and the dangerous trail he follows to honor friendship and earn self-respect.


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Mark Phialas
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Author Bio

Mark Phialas has two degrees in theater from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was one of the founding members of PlayMakers Repertory Company. Phialas worked in theater, TV and film in New York City, where he also had three books of short stories published, wrote educational materials and enjoyed a brief stint in the restaurant/catering business. He has also worked in public relations, radio and advertising as a copywriter and account executive.

Phialas spent 17 years in the newspaper business in North Carolina, where he covered ACC football and basketball, professional golf, as well as writing and editing news and features. His last role in the newspaper business was Arts and Entertainment Editor at The Herald-Sun in Durham, NC.

In the summer of 1999, Phialas launched Dynasty Soccer Gear, a company that designed and sold apparel with University of North Carolina trademarks that targeted and promoted the enormous success of the North Carolina women’s soccer program.

Who Killed 20G? is his first novel, and the primary character, Trent Jones, is a UNC basketball fan.

Phialas lives in Cary, NC, plays as much poker as he can, and keeps an eye on the Tar Heels and Washington Redskins.





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