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The Grace of Crows

by Tracy Shawn


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The Grace of Crows

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Tormented by anxiety, Saylor Crawmore tries every cure from self-help books and therapy to medication. Nothing has worked. She’s desperate for an answer. Along with Saylor’s anxiety, she must navigate the ongoing rip current between the troubled generations of her family. Her aging mother’s narcissism, her teenage children’s compulsions, and her husband’s need to pretend everything is okay compound her debilitating fears.

Saylor discovers her childhood friend Billy, homeless and ignored since his teens, and her world begins to shift. This encounter sparks Saylor’s journey to gain insight into her strange fears and forge the power to overcome them. Armed with her new awareness, Saylor summons the courage to help her family.


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Tracy Shawn
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Author Bio

Tracy Shawn lives and writes on the Central Coast of California. She's worn many work hats (including waitress, floral designer, receptionist, vocational counselor, and core counselor at a psychiatric center for schizophrenic adults). Her educational background includes a master's degree in clinical psychology. Tracy enjoys incorporating her education and eclectic work history to heighten character development in her short stories and novels. Her writing has appeared in literary journals as well as print and online newspapers and magazines.



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